Louisa White

    Louisa White, Founder director of JAMS has been leading community movement, dance and voice sessions for over 15 years.

    As a dancer, Developmental Movement Practitioner/Trainer and yoga teacher Louisa brings a wealth of experience to the company and established JAMS to share with those who may not have access to appropriate participatory sessions. Louisa is passionate about the restorative effects of self-awareness and independence, sharing artistic experiences; working instinctively and creatively. Louisa now takes on a more directorial role, developing new and exciting projects ensuring JAMS maintains artistic integrity and the person centred ethos she has worked with so long.

    Natalie Brett

    Natalie Brett’s varied career has involved working as a 6th Form Drama & Performing Arts Teacher, a Youth Theatre Leader, and a Community Arts/Drama practitioner.

    Natalie is passionate about the work JAMS does within the community, she particularly loves JAMS heart-centred approach with its mix of movement, dance, song, music and drama, and how this benefits & brings together and uplifts everyone affected by dementia – not only those living with the condition but also loved-ones, carers and care staff. Natalie is looking forward to incorporating her clown training and practice with JAMS in future projects.

    Sam Gilroy

    Sam Gilroy is a dance teacher, professional dancer and the artistic director of Nexus Dance Theatre, a company that perform people’s stories to initiate conversations across generations.

    Sam developed her community dance practice during her internship at The Point, and continues to teach early years, youth dancers and older adults with dementia – having completed the dementia awareness training with Joyful Jams, Creative Minds. Sam has a Master of Arts degree in Performance and enjoys working with all ages leading dance and song sessions with residents of Tegfield House, as well as teaching for Florian School and Basingstoke Academy of Dance.

    Charlie Broom

    Charlie Broom trained in performance making and is currently completing a PhD on the personal and social effects of making performance work that deploys comedy, satire and playful burlesquing to make humourous socio-political commentary.

    Charlie has over 10 years experience of delivering mask, clown and drama workshops with young people using laughter and play to raise confidence and self-esteem. Charlie is excited to now be working with older adults utilising laughter, play, clowning, movement and song to foster wellbeing, connection and joy no matter what their cognitive or physical abilities are.

    Julia Bray

    Julia Bray’s background rests in The Art of Movement and Dance as developed by Rudolf Laban, emphasising What, Where, When and How the body moves.

    Her current practice following a Diploma in Leading Dance for Older People now highlights the Why. Structuring content and objectives around Laban principles, Julia’s aim is to inspire, have fun and motivate both body and mind for well-being. Julia strives to engage participants using their own ideas and themes with music and props to compliment. Then, engage, move and delight in the moment of participants bodies expressing thoughts, feelings and experiences.

  • Jo Cone

    Jo Cone prides herself on creating accessible movement and dance experiences that are person centred, enjoyable and social, confidently moving from whole group focus to one on one enabling participants of all abilities to join in.

    Jo strongly believes the smallest movement should be recognised and encourages the focus to be on ability not disability. She also believes that sessions should enable a person to have ownership, and have opportunity to feel purpose contributing to the content for others to enjoy. Jo’s well established and much respected way of working comes from extensive delivery, observing and ongoing research in using the arts for wellbeing.

    Eleanor van der Hoest

    Eleanor van der Hoest has loved dancing since her teens when she discovered the joys of moving to music and decided to put aside worries of what others may or may not think about it.

    She was delighted to be invited to join the JAMS project to help people with dementia enjoy a quality experience through music and movement. Eleanor loves engaging with people in this way, and delight in seeing their liberation when they start to express themselves and expand with dance. Vital for this work is an intention encompassing simplicity of communication, empathy and authenticity both for the participant and the facilitator. More of this is needed!

    Rosa Kentwood

    Rosa Kentwood is a freelance dance teacher, choreographer and performer. She uses a person centered approach to bring movement sessions to people of all ages and abilities.

    She graduated from Winchester University in 2007, and completed a post-graduate certificate in Community Dance at Laban in 2009.As well as her recent work running therapeutic activities for people with dementia in residential settings for Joyful Jams she has also worked with many organisations including Stopgap Dance, Age Concern, AgeUK, Mencap, Corali, Horsham District Council, South East Dance, Pavilion Dance South West and Portsmouth County Council. Rosa is currently studying towards her Masters in Movement and Dance psychotherapy at Dance Voice.

    Evie Gibbens

    Karen’s professional career is in self-inquiry and counselling, engaging lovingly and caringly with individuals over the last 11 years, establishing relationships with people in a very natural and spontaneous way.

    Her training and passions include modern dance, life modelling, singing and improvisation work. She trained as a clown with “The Fool Story” and is excited about incorporating this talent in her work with people affected by and living with dementia. Evie is passionate about serving general well-being in the community, nurturing joy in the hearts of the people she meets.