19 July 2017

Dance and movement

Community dance, has an aesthetic which is quite unique, and varies greatly from group to group.

Participatory dance and movement to music, is especially effective with disabled communities as it is an art form which relies upon instinct, sensitivity and impulse to ensure its effectiveness as a tool for personal and group development.

When working in the community the dance artist real skills is the ability to read situations, pick up on movement cues and develop the group and individual accordingly.

Community dance with JAMS! is not driven by outcome, rather places emphasis on the processes involved in making dance, as a positive by product aesthetically pleasing and sensitive art works are produced.

Dance and Movement have the capacity to:

  • Increase and maintain mobility
  • Provide an enjoyable health and fitness activity • be a social activity
  • Express feelings and emotions
  • Work together
  • Experience positive and appropriate touch
  • Develop self confidence
  • Keep the brain active and stimulated
  • Provide a total change from daily life
  • To support positive changes
  • To promote general well-being